Is the idea of setting up a home studio a little bit daunting? Or maybe you’re just really busy and don’t have the time to acoustically treat a room. Or maybe you want to do something nice for someone special in your life, but don’t know the first thing about recording. Well, that’s where we come in. Describe to us what it is you imagine yourself doing with a home studio, and before you know it we’ll bring your vision to life. Not only will your new studio be totally functional, but we’ll make sure that you know all of the ins and outs, as well as how to operate your new recording device(s) regardless of what you choose to go with. We’ve built both PC and Mac based systems for hobbyists and professionals, and even designed the live guitar rig for the Scissor Sisters! (No joke, just look for Mike’s name in the thank you’s of “Tah-Da!”)

Meet the Team

Michael Flannery


Mike began developing this specialty back in 2001 when his band, Little T and One Track Mike (That’s right, he’s a one hit wonder!) got a record deal with LAVA/Atlantic Records. After convincing Jason Flom to let him record the entire album himself, at the age of 22 he constructed his first high end studio in a summer home on LBI down on the Jersey Shore. The end result worked out pretty well and he’s still extremely proud of how that record sounds. Currently, he operates a small recording studio in Chelsea, Manhattan. You can find out more about that here. He also is one half of the children’s music group, The Flannery Brothers

Drew Thompson Hooke

Drew Thompson Hooke is a two time Grammy nominated audio engineer, studio owner, live sound guru, and all around sweet guy. When he’s not out on the road doing live sound for internationally touring acts, Drew records and mixes out of his studio in Tyngsboro, Mass. Once drummer for the band The Bay State, he now produces some great sounding synth pop as Dance Atlantic with Ex Bay State singer Tom Tash. Drew brings a rare combination of passion, musicianship, and technical know-how to his profession that is unsurpassed.

Jacob Lawson

Jacob Lawson is a producer, re-mixer, mix engineer, and violinist who has played and recorded with a diverse group of artists (Jill Sobule, Tim McGraw, CeCe Winans, Sixpence None-the-Richer and many, many others), composed for a “who’s who” of modern dance and theatre companies, and produced records that have ranged in style from classical guitar to charging rock to electronic. His passion for all music, combined with his natural penchant for teaching makes him ideally suited to helping others learn the skills they need to get ahead in DIY recording.


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