Phone Help- $75/Hour

I will happily speak with you for 1/2 an hour regarding what it is that you wish to do with your home recording studio and what some of your options might be- totally free of charge. From this conversation we can find out:

  1. We’re a good fit– You wouldn’t really want my help if we didn’t get along, and it probably wouldn’t be very much fun for me either!
  2. You actually need my help– We might determine that you already know everything you need to get started on building your home studio. I’m not going to sell you anything you don’t need!
  3. How much of an investment– You might be imagining something much more expensive than you realize, or conversely, you might be psyching yourself out of a studio when in reality you can actually afford it and then some.
  4. What of my services you need– I might be able to determine that you just need an hour of my time devoted to picking out the right combination of gear, or we might decide that it would be best for me to oversee installation of a floating room. What have you got in mind?

After the first half hour, my phone help is $75/hr paid for up front according to our estimate of how much time you’ll need. The more time you purchase, the lower my hourly rate. For a list of discounted prices based on time purchased please see the “Ready To Get Started?” page. Also, don’t worry, if you only buy one hour and it goes a little long, I’m not too much of a stickler.

As a follow up to every call, I send a summary email with links to the gear we discussed as well as reviews that you might find helpful. If the call took the form of a lesson, the follow up email will be the cliff notes version of what we discussed.

Schedule your free call and let’s get started right away!


About homestudioguru

Mike Flannery has been working one on one with clients to create their dream project studios for the last ten years. Let Mike work with you to design, purchase, build, and teach you to use your home studio today!

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